4 Card Poker – choose the best strategy and enjoy the victory

In today’s world, there is a wide variety of games at Poker, among which, along with the popular Texas Hold’em, people can try their hand at lesser-known card entertainment. These include 4 Card Poker, which appeared in the gaming industry relatively recently, so now it can not be found in every online casino Australia or specialized rooms. The game has the same principles with 3 Card Poker, and it differs from other types by the presence of an exclusive table with special fields for making bets.

Also in this entertainment different combinations such as Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Trips, Flush, Straight, Two pairs, Pair and High card are formed. There are three main bets here: Ante (compulsory payment before hand cards are dealt), Play (carried out after evaluating the combination) and the optional Aces Up bet, made at the discretion of the player.

Anyone who wants to diversify their leisure time and gain more experience in the game can try their luck in entertaining Crazy 4 Poker, where you can apply the appropriate strategy and receive certain payouts.

4 Card Poker rules

All players who want to quickly learn how to play 4 Card Poker should always remember that the game is played against the dealer (gambling establishment), it uses a classic deck of 52 cards and to win, a person needs to build a combination stronger than the dealer. Each participant receives 5 pocket cards, and they are allowed to use only 4 of them to form a winning hand. Here’s how the game goes:

  1. The start of 4 Card Poker is the Ante blind bet. If desired, the player can make an Aces Up bet, which should be equivalent to the previous one. At the end, the dealer gives everyone one by one five closed cards, and six to themselves, where the last one is open.
  2. The dealer’s hand here has no power limitations and is in any case compared to the combinations of players who continue the game.
  3. After assessing the strength of their own cards and the chances of winning, the player can stop the game and lose perfect bets, or continue the contest by making a Play bet.
  4. After the showdown, the payouts of the winning Aces Up bets occur first. Next, lined up combinations of players and croupiers are compared. If luck is on the side of the participant, then the Ante bet is paid 1: 1. In case of loss, the bet is credited to the dealer.

If a game participant is lucky to form one of the strongest combinations (Four of a Kind, Straight Flush or Trips), then they can count on additional cash rewards from the game club.

Winning game strategies

When playing 4 Card Poker online, each person not only wants to diversify their own leisure and spend their free time the most exciting, but also earn certain cash rewards. For this, in addition to knowing the rules, the confident use of a proven strategy is useful. Here are the existing tactics for this game:

  • In the event that a player has collected a pair from the Queen to Aces or even higher, they need to safely bet 3 to 1;
  • If the combination contains A, K, J, 9 and below, such a hand will not bring success to anyone, since the chance of winning is minimal;
  • A pair of twos or A, K, Q, as well as a pair of triples, from fours to sevens or from eights, makes it possible for the game participants to put 1 to 1. In any case, it is necessary to make a decision based on the dealer’s open card.

One can easily conclude that 4 Card Poker is the kind of game where simple rules and a high probability of winning are perfectly combined.

Pai Gow Poker – use all the game features to defeat the dealer

Many fans of gambling in the world call Pai Gow Poker a little exotic, as this entertainment is considered a certain kind of Chinese domino, which appeared about two centuries ago. But in our time, this exciting card game is quite popular, although its rules are significantly different from the classic version. Its great advantage is the fact that the player needs to beat only one opponent, who is the dealer. Therefore, play becomes much easier than against multiple players.

This exciting card entertainment gives people an excellent opportunity to have a very entertaining time, completely not worrying about their personal gaming experience. Luck plays a big role in a successful outcome, and novice players are even allowed to use the tips of a professional dealer. Although the game is quite rare in interactive casinos, it is still easy to find it on the Internet on many gaming sites where a complete betting system and other useful information about the current rules are provided.

Features and game process procedure

Novice players should always remember that at different casinos Pai Gow Poker rules can usually vary significantly. Here are the main stages of the gameplay:

  1. Worldwide, Pai Gow Poker is played with a deck of 52 cards, plus 1 joker. Usually 6 players are present at the same time. Each participant in the game receives 7 cards face down.
  2. The next step is to split the cards into two hands according to special rules, which are called House Way. The first hand is called High and has 5 cards. The second Low hand consists of only 2 cards and at the same time should not be stronger than the first, otherwise the player will be counted an automatic loss.
  3. Further, the dealer performs the same actions with their cards and all are revealed.
  4. The next step is to compare the combinations of both hands. If both combinations of a player are stronger than that of the dealer, then they win and receive a payout 1 to 1. In the case of superiority of one hand and weakness of the other, a tie is declared and the bet is returned to the player. The participant’s bet goes to the casino if both hands are weaker.
  5. The Joker complements the combinations of Straight, Flush, Straight Flush, Royal Flush or acts as an Ace (always on the Low hand).

The Fortune special additional bet is paid regardless of how the person sets their hand, according to the Fortune Bet payout table.

Best Pai Gow Poker strategies

The most important task for players who often practice Pai Gow Poker online is to learn how to split cards between High and Low hands, which significantly increases odds for winning. Here is the optimal game strategy:

  • If there is no combination, you should leave the highest card in the High hand, and put the next two in the Low hand;
  • If there is a Pair, it is left in the High hand, and the two highest cards from the remaining cards are sent to the Low hand;
  • If there are Two pairs, do not separate if the sum of points is 9 or less with the King or Ace, the sum of points is 15 or less with the Ace. Separate sevens and deuces under the King and above, Kings and deuces under the Ace;
  • If there are three pairs, set aside the senior pair on Low hand;
  • In the presence of ordinary Straight and Flush, leave for High hand. If there are combinations of six cards, then put the two most senior cards on Low hand;
  • If you have Straight Flush or Royal Flush, leave them in High hand.

More information on suitable strategies can be found on the portal website with Pai Gow Poker.

Three-card Brag: the Gambling Concept, Basic Rules & Hands Values

Three-card brag is a variant of poker where the players are playing the game against a casino, and combinations are made of three cards. This game has a rich history – it was played in Britain in the 16th century. It came from a card game of the era of Elizabeth I called “example” – one of the ancestors of poker. After making the antes and, possibly, additional bets, the players and dealer will be dealt three cards each. The players look at their hands and decide whether they want to make another bet – its size, as a rule, is equal to the size of the ante.

Three-card brag: the Origin of Gambling Concept

The one who manages to present the highest combination of cards wins the three card brag game. Players have the right to argue about the corresponding dignity of their cards. The player who makes the highest statement has the right not to show cards if everyone else saves. Therefore, in the brag, as in poker, there is an element of bluffing. And, nevertheless, significant differences between these two games still exist. Usually, players agree to what extent they can raise a bet. The rate of the dealer must not exceed this figure. Participants make bets with the chips. At the end of the game, they exchange these chips for money according to the established equivalent. After that, the dealer mixes the deck and deals three cards to everyone. The rest of the deck lays on the table. Players get acquainted with their cards, and under this make their bets. If the cards are good, the players have the right to bet no less than the dealer. With bad cards, the players pass and leave the game.

The Main Rules & Hands of Three Card Brag

It is a three-card game which involves a full deck. Three cards are called brags and play the role of jokers. It is a tambourine ace, a jack of clubs, and a tambourine nine. Each of these cards can replace any other card. How to play this card game? There are the main points:

  • The online game begins with the dealer making a bet to the agreed limit. Brag is one of the free games in which, if they are not playing for money, there are no points;
  • Then, the players receive three cards, and they must take turns either to make a bet no less than the dealer, or (as in poker) to leave the game.

According to the three card brag rules and the agreed scheme, each next player can raise the bet. If the participants have announced a combination and no one has challenged it, they take the fund without showing their cards. However, all players can be asked to show their cards. The representatives of mightier cards will take the fund. The order of value of the combinations:

  • Three natural Aces – in this case, the Ace of Diamonds is considered natural in three-card brag;
  • Three aces, of which one or more cards is a brag. For example, a jack of clubs and a tambourine nine with any ace;
  • Three natural kings;
  • Three kings, of which one or two is replaced by a brag.

And so on – up to three deuces. After three equal cards, there are pairs: from aces to twos, and a pair of natural cards are rated higher than a pair with a brag. If two players of three-card brag have the same pair, then the one who is older than the third card wins. If equal cards came to the players, then the advantage belongs to the highest hand, that is, to the one who made the first bet.

Badugi: Peculiarities of Gambling, Basic Rules & Hand Rankings

Badugi is a Korean variation of poker with four pocket cards. The name translated from Korean means “spotted dog.” “Spotting” of winning combinations – all cards in the final hand must be of different values and suits. Despite its Asian origin, Badugi combines two traditional American games: Razz, where the lowest-value hand wins, and Lowball 2-7, where players can exchange their pocket cards on any of the three streets of trade. The result is a complex game with a high influence of luck – the opponents almost always have a chance to collect a monster combination during an exchange.

The Peculiarities of the Gameplay of Badugi Card Game

According to Badugi rules, combinations with lower cards are stronger than combinations with higher cards (fore example, Flush). The game takes into account not only the seniority of the cards but also suits – when repeating suits or denominations, one of the repeated cards in combination is excluded. The lowest card in Badugi is an ace. Therefore, the best possible combination is off-suit A234, which is also called the best Badugi. The term “Badugi” in the game means any hand of four non-repeating cards of different stripes. If the players are unable to collect “Badugi”, they play with three cards or less. How to determine who won the showdown:

  • First, cards that are repeated by suit or face value are excluded from each hand. For example, if there were two triples or two spades in the hand – in each case, there will be only one card from the repeated ones. In the case of suited cards, the oldest is removed;
  • The hand with the most cards left always wins the incomplete hand. Therefore, hands with repeated cards are considered weak and undesirable;
  • If in the final combination, both players have the same number of cards, they will compare the face value, starting with the highest card. The winner is the one with the highest card in his hand, which is lower than the opponent’s highest card. If they are equal, the players will compare the following in order of seniority.

In general, the tactics of how to play Badugi is similar to a 2-7 triple draw poker. Although, there are two serious differences: firstly, the Badugi game is played with only four cards, and secondly, the hand rankings is slightly different.

Badugi: the Rules & Hand Rankings

Badugi has the same betting rules Texas Hold’em. This card game has a small and a big blind, and the dealer’s chip determines the order of turn. With each new distribution, the dealer chip moves clockwise, and the players’ positions shift accordingly.

  • If the deck ends during a game of Badugi in one of the rounds of betting, players get the previously discarded cards;
  • Pre-draw – after putting down the blinds, each player receives four cards. The player sitting in the big blind starts the bidding round. Card exchange is possible only on the following streets – only standard poker actions are available on the pre-draw: call, fold, or raise;
  • The stroke moves clockwise. Bidding lasts until all participants equalize a bid of the same size. If someone raised and the others saved, this player wins the pot;
  • There are three rounds of exchanges, which are called: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When exchanging, the players can discard their cards to get new ones from the deck. They can exchange from one to four, but they can not exchange at all.

After each exchange, another round of trading takes place. At the end of the third and last round, the players show the collected combinations.

3 Card Poker – game with simple rules, which can bring a big win

Experienced and even novice players around the world note that 3 Card Poker has won great interest among people not only due to the interesting gameplay. The highlight of the game is its simple rules, as well as the ability to win big cash prizes and in some cases receive special rewards with bonus from a gambling establishment. The rules of this entertainment are largely based on the classic task of forming the most impressive winning combination, which could help the player get a confident victory over the dealer.

Here, combinations such as Mini Royal (Ace, King and Queen of the same suit), Straight Flush (three consecutive cards of the same suit) and Three-of-a-kind have a higher rank. They are followed by Straight, Flush, Pair and High card. Since the game is quite popular, it is easy to find in elite land gambling establishments. And for those who do not want to leave the boundaries of personal housing, they can play online casinos from their computer without any problems, or take a suitable game table using their mobile phones.

3 Card Poker gameplay procedure

Those active players who are keen to learn how to play 3 Card Poker in a short time should know that the main difference between this entertainment and the rest of the varieties is the presence of two games (Ante and Pair) in one, which significantly increases the participants’ chances of a confident victory. Here are the main rules of the gameplay:

  1. Before the dealer begins to deal cards, each of the participants must place an Ante bet. Here you can also bet Ante-bonus and Pair-or-better (Optional Bonus Bet). After that, all players and the dealer receive three cards face down.
  2. The next step is to assess the strength of the player’s hand and a decision is made for further actions. A person may stop playing and at the same time lose all personal bets, and may also continue the contest by answering Call.
  3. At the end of the 3 Card Poker bidding round, the cards are revealed and the player who made the Pair-or-better bet and received at least Pair and more, is the first to receive their payment with bonus, regardless of the dealer cards.
  4. The final step is to compare cards of game participants with the dealer’s cards. In the event that the dealer has all cards are below the Queen, the players receive a double payment of the Ante bet.

If the combination of the dealer in the game and the player’s turned out to be stronger, then Ante and Call bets are paid 1 to 1. With equal hands, a tie is declared, and if the player’s combination is lower, than that of the dealer, they lose their bets. When forming a combination of Straight or higher, the gambling establishment pays visitors special bonus money, in accordance with the rules of the casino.

Possible strategies for a successful outcome of the game

As for any exciting board game, the 3 Card Poker strategy is surely being developed with the task to maximize the player’s chances of a big win. Here are the techniques and systems that exist for this game:

  • Many experienced players raise Ante and Call bets in the hope that the dealer will have a higher card smaller than the Queen;
  • At the same time, you need to know that drawing each hand by raising bets is a bad idea, as sometimes the advantage of a casino increases from 3.5% to 7.5%;
  • The highlight of the game is the optional Pair-or-better bet, which is often winning and is generously paid (sometimes in the ratio of 40 to 1 or higher). This bet is a bonus, so the casino has a slightly smaller advantage.

Many people who know how to win make the game more fun while betting on Ante and Pair-or-better.

How to play Video Poker and win the game

Some Poker players like playing alone, when no one disturbs them. However, this game often involves many people: it does not let certain gamblers to concentrate on the process, and they start making mistakes.

Thus, this group of players consists mostly of those, who finally pick slot machines, but these guys should also learn how to play Video Poker, and even get a Royal Flush combination there.

All you need to know how to play Video Poker

When a gambler is eager to learn how to play Video Poker, he can simply find an online casino that has slots with the Demo version of this game. Playing it for free can become the simplest way to understand how to play Video Poker and win. Using a no-money variant of this entertainment, a player does not feel stress thinking about a possible loss constantly. As a result, he manages to see all the moments he would never notice when gambling.

As soon as Video Poker is the same card game (variants) as a real Poker, the rules remain the same as well. The differences appear when a player chooses an online or a land casino. With an online version, he uses credits or plays for fake money in a Demo mode. With a land-casino variant, he uses special chips he has to buy beforehand (no offline casino has free games).

Using buttons (in both variants), the player decides which of the cards (after he gets them automatically) he wants to leave. In a case, when he changes cards and gets a good hand, he wins. If he does not have a strong combination, he loses.

Video Poker basic strategies

A newbie can learn first how to play Jacks or Better Video Poker as it is one of the simplest game variants. The strategy here is not complicated as well. One should hold a pair or another winning combination. In a case when it is not possible to make a combination to win with, it is recommended to hold 4 cards with the same suit or 4 cards in sequence (like Jack, 10, 9, 8). If it is also impossible, the highest card should be held or all the hand has to be exchanged.

Deuces Wild strategy differs a bit. Here, deuces become Wild cards (jokers). Here, to get the initial bet back, a player needs at least 3 cards of the same rank and at least a Straight Flush to get a modest win. Slot machines of this series have the greatest potential for winning, and therefore, they are popular among professional players.

Video Poker variants to try

Before starting the game, it is recommended to learn the following:

  • How to play Video Poker choosing Bonus Poker game variant with 0.83% casino advantage;
  • A – 10 Shun that is one of the best variants of Tens or Better;
  • Hang 10 with a casino 5% advantage;
  • Two Pair or better;
  • Wild Party, etc.

The general rule for any type of Video Poker is as follows: always set a maximum bet. The card replacement strategy follows a few general rules. If cards made up the finished combination: Flush with variants, Full House, all 5 cards must be held. If a player does not have four cards of the same suit, four consecutive cards, three consecutive cards of the same suit and no high cards, all 5 cards must be replaced.

Video poker – One of the most famous and popular forms of gambling

This great game had an entrance in casino in the seventies and now it is still a very popular game among the gamblers. Due to its easy and simple rules, due to its anonymity, poker games consider and you can play alone, without any pressure.

How to play video poker?

Playing this game is very easy. While there are various variants of the game, they have one thing in common: they’re all based on simple mechanics of five-card draw poker and uses a standard 52-card deck. After making your wager and press the Deal button, the machine gives you five cards. Select which cards to keep and which cards to throw away.

If you want to keep them, tap on the pictures of your chosen cards on the screen. Here, your winning is based on ending up with a Poker hand such as straight, two pairs, or even a royal flush.

Having the right skills and utilizing an optimum video Poker strategy will not only give you a higher chance of winning millions, but you will also enjoy the advantages that come with winnings.

How to win?

In order to become an effective and professional player, you must stop being a gambler and begin treating the game more seriously. With the Deuces Wild video poker variation, you can even increase your odds over 100%.

So how to play video poker game, in order to win?

  1. Be knowledgeable;
  2. Be prepared;
  3. Be observant;
  4. Slow down;
  5. Be careful;
  6. Plat the Max;
  7. Find the best paytable;
  8. Join the player’s club;
  9. Make use of the bonuses;
  10. Play free slots video poker

If you follow these tips, soon you will be a professional and knowledgeable player. You will win real money and become a successful player.

How to pick a video poker game?

For the newcomers and for the beginners it is really hard to select the good and appropriate machine, as there are hundreds. First of all, you should choose a game with simple rules and appropriate to your needs. If you want to maximize your chances of winning dollars, you can only do one thing – to pick the right and the appropriate machine. hands. A full-paid slot machine is one that offers the best chance of video poker, that is, the optimal payout for getting into hands.

Popular games include:

  • Deuces Wild;
  • Bonus Poker;
  • Hold em;
  • Jacks or Better;
  • Triple Bonus;
  • Double Bonus Poker;
  • Pick’em Poker.

The first thing you keep in mind about this amazing game compared to slot machines is transparency. When you play a slot machine, you know how much the payoffs are for the various symbol combinations. Play, enjoy the game and win real money. It is really fun and it is also very encouraging.


This game is one of the most popular games that can be found in a number of land-based casinos, as well as on the Internet. Since its inception in the 1970s, it has been incredibly popular throughout the world. This casino game is suitable for both experienced players and beginners because its basic rules are very easy to understand.

Free slots video poker, unlike most casino games, is a game with pure chance and skill, which makes it extremely exciting and challenging. So start playing, gaining enough experience playing with professional players and have big victories ever.

Rules and basic strategy for Texas Hold’em Poker online game

Texas Hold’em Poker online game is played at Poker sites and special rooms by 2 to 10 people at the same table. In the case of major tournaments, the game runs in parallel on several tables, and then the remaining ten people play at the final table. The goal of the game is simple is to collect all the chips at the table, or their maximum number for a certain period of time or the number of hands.

To win the hand it is necessary to collect the strongest hand at the table, or, using a bluff, convince the opponents of this so that they discard their cards. The live game at the table is played by the dealer, who always helps players understand whose move is now and what options they have.

However, this is an extreme case, for learning the basic rules of the game and remembering the important nuances is quite simple. Besides, free online Texas Hold’em Poker is often played with a game simulator. It has the Rules section, but learning this stuff be heart helps a player much more.

Texas Hold’em Poker online game rules

The popularity of Texas Hold’em Poker online game is largely based on its simple and understandable rules:

  • The dealer shuffles all the cards (in an online variant, it is an automatic function).
  • He gives cards to each gambler, starting to his left. In Texas Hold’em Poker online game, like in Blackjack online, cards are given to a player automatically.
  • Then trades start, and the player can call, raise his bet or fold;
  • When all players finish trading, the dealer opens 3 common cards. The flop round starts.
  • After it, the Turn is started — it involves the4th cards.
  • The 5th card in the River round finishes the trades.
  • Finally, the showdown comes. The best combination wins.

Hands in Hold’em and their ranking

When a beginner wants to remember all the combinations of the cards, he must pick free Texas Hold’em Poker online game variant. Playing often, he would simply remember the cards and hands values. They are the following combinations:

  • Straight Flush (the best Straight Flush with A+K+Q+J+10, where all cards have the same suit is called Royal Flush).
  • Four of a Kind (the best hand with four identical cards: A+A+A+K).
  • Full House (the finest hand here involves 3 Aces+ 2 Kings).
  • Flush (the coolest hand is five any suited cards with an Ace).
  • Street (Street’s strongest hand involves cards from Ace to 10 various suits).
  • Three of a Kind (The strongest hand with three of the same: AAA+K+Q).
  • Two pairs (The best one is AA+KK+Q).
  • Pair (The best hand is AA +K+Q+J).
  • High Card (Strongest Hand has an Ace).

Winning strategies

To win in Texas Hold’em Poker online game, it is better to start training using real paper or plastic cards and/or using Android phones (the apk file must be downloaded to install the game. At the beginning of the game, it is needed to remember all the hands. Besides, using freerolls and no deposit bonus further will be the best strategy to start. A newbie should also know when to stop and have the game “feeling”. They say, the top-players never followed any special strategies but their intuition.

When a player wants to win in Poker Texas Hold’em online games, it should become like a job for him. However, it differs from the usual work in that at the beginning of the working day one may have more funds than at the end. In other words, no one is safe from losing over a short distance here. The fail must not be the reason for depression.

After an unsuccessful session, the best way out is to relax in the fresh air, sleep read a book on card games. Anything but anger that can flow in the transition to expensive tournaments and the descent of a bankroll in a matter of minutes.

How to play Omaha Poker in an online casino

Omaha Poker, like Texas Hold’em, belongs to the most popular Poker games. Although there are some similarities to Hold’em in this game variant, there are many differences. For instance, one can get here the better hands as he uses not 7 cards to choose from in Hold’em, but nine cards.

Omaha Poker major rules

Since many Poker Omaha players are keen to try out gambling, but are not really familiar with the game’s successful strategies, mastering the game can give a gambler a distinct advantage and get more profit in the future. Each casino has similar Omaha Poker rules. They can vary a bit, but when a player knows the basics, he can play any variant of this card game.

The main rule here is that each player gets not 2 but 4 cards (called “pocket”) at the very beginning of the game. Then, to make the coolest hand, he combines 2 of his cards (any of them) with 3 table ones. However, the goal here is the same as in Hold’em — to get 5 cards that create a certain combination that can be better than a rival’s hand.

Variants of Omaha with rules

Omaha has several varieties that differ both in the initial conditions and in the goals of the game. The most famous of them are:

  • Omaha High;
  • Hi-Lo;
  • Five Card Omaha Poker.

Hi-Lo rules and features

The most powerful hand is certainly, the game goal everywhere, especially, in Omaha High. The Omaha Poker Hi-Lo rules are more diverse, in which the opportunity to win is determined by the presence of two types of combinations — the strongest and the weakest. The winner in each game can simultaneously become the owners of both combinations, dividing the bank in half.

The combination of Lo is composed of 5 cards from 8 to 2, and its seniority is determined by the card of the highest face value. The weakest hand is considered a combination of A, 2,3,4,5, in which the value of the Ace is 1 point. The possible presence of a junior combination is determined very simply — by the presence on the table of at least three cards with face value less than “9”.

With fewer of them, the presence of a Lo-combination is impossible and the winner of the game will be determined only by the combination Hi, which is always there. The important point is that at the same time the same player can collect both Lo and Hi combinations. Pocket cards can be different. Sometimes, players refuse to play Omaha Poker hands if they have high only.

5-Card Omaha rules

Five-card Omaha differs from previous versions by the distribution of five starting cards, instead of four. The remaining Omaha Poker rules here are similar to the previous ones.

The varieties of Omaha poker described above, in turn, are divided into limited and pot-limit versions. The rules of Omaha Poker Limit provide for limited game bets defined by generally accepted values. Pot-limit version is a game with bets limited by the size of the pot and equal to the sum of the average pot and all bets.

Hands in Omaha — the highest ones

Hands are almost the same as in Hold’em, but here, their power depends on the cards in these combinations. Here are the best-rated hands:

  1. A+A+K+K;
  2. A+A+J+T;
  3. A+A+Q+Q;
  4. A+A+J+J;
  5. A+A+10+10;
  6. A+A+9+9, etc.

Hands you should raise with:

  • All hands are from the top with three or four suits and above.
  • All suited hands are like A+K +2 cards, where these 2 cards are 10s and above.
  • All double suites from 5 and above.
  • All double hands of the K-K plus 2 cards over 10 types.

These are only several main rules to follow in Omaha. If someone wants to become the best player, he needs reading more about it and training as well.

How do Blackjack strategy card counting systems work

Blackjack card counting strategy is another way of strategic thinking. Some gamblers suppose that is it an illegal way to win, but it is not true. Blackjack strategy card counting method can be used, but in case, when a gambler plays in reality, with buddies at home or in a real land casino.

Blackjack strategy card counting method

Reading cards online is pretty pointless because of the random number generators that are used in the web casinos. However, in an online casino with live dealers where several hands can be played before a player reaches the deck, and the dealer needs to mix the decks, the Blackjack strategy card counting method can be very effective!

There are several ways of doing these calculations: with a real casino, they must be done in mind, and with a real dealer casino, even a paper and a pen can be useful. Hi-Lo is often called a Blackjack basic strategy card counting system, although the other ones exist, and they are:

  • Mentor;
  • REKO;
  • Zen Count;
  • Red Seven and other Blackjack strategy card counting methods.

How to read cards — simple Hi-Lo system

As soon as the first card is issued from a new mixed deck, the card counter begins to calculate the cost of the cards. For a card with low value, a player needs to add 1 point, and for a card with a high value, he must subtract 1 point from the current account. All cards from 7 to 9 are neutral and are not counted. The total number after this round should be +1.

More cards with a low value were dealt with, and, therefore, there are more cards with a higher value in the deck. The more information the gambler has collected, using this single-deck Blackjack strategy card counting method, the more accurate his score will be. Thus, the benefit can be greater.

The player should count all cards in the deck when he is doing it for the first time. If the score is correct, it should end with 0. The advantages of a quick and simple method far outweigh the more accurate but more sophisticated counting system. High-quality cards, such as tens and aces, increase the probability of Blackjack and give the player useful hands.

Cards left in the deck

The second way to increase the possibility of a win is the number of cards left in the deck. The closer a player gets to the bottom of the deck, the more accurate the score will be. If he divides his running score by the approximate number of remaining decks, he will get a true score. This calculation may be a little complicated at first, but further, it will be easier.


Suppose, the run score is +4, and the decks remaining in the deck are estimated as 2, then the true score should be +4 / 2 = + 2.

If the account still shows a clearly positive result after implementing the Blackjack strategy card counting system, one has a good chance of making a good profit by increasing the rate, if not, the Surrender variant after card counting can be used (to save at least a half of a bet).