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5 card poker hands to win

Some varieties of poker with 5 cards in hand exist, although, the card combinations rankings are almost similar. Actually, 2 main types of this game are famous: Draw, which also has a low variety, and 5 Card Stud. Draw Poker (with an exchange) has several varieties. In its Low “2 to 7” variant, the low combination wins, but Ace is the coolest card. In Low Ace to 5 type of a 5-card Draw Ace is the worst card when it comes to 5 card poker hands. Meanwhile, this poker variant is not famous.

5 card poker hands and their ranking

All hands — combinations — define the so-called “hierarchy” of hands in 5 card poker, and winning odds as well. A bunch of tables with these hands (all of them are similar) is available on the internet at the sites that share with their visitors the information about professional games with cards, and poker, certainly. The relative seniority of hands in poker is usually based on the probabilities of getting them when a random hand is dealt to a gamer.

It would be great to know the opponent’s hand. But, to the greatest regret, without any psychic abilities, in practice this is impossible. In certain distributions, one has to rely on experience, knowledge, and observation results. It is these factors that help, if not to determine the exact hand of the opponent, then to designate a certain set of such hands that he may have in a given situation. It is this set of possible starting combinations that is called the opponent’s range in poker. The opponent’s hand range, is a specific group of hands that a gamer thinks his opponent may have in a particular game situation.

The newbie will be shocked if he learns that the possible number of all hands in a 5-card poker is…2,598,960! However, only a machine (which is used in online game) can count all of them. A player should remember the best cards that will help him to win.

  • Royal Flush;
  • Straight Flush;
  • Four of a Kind;
  • Full House;
  • Flush;
  • Straight;
  • 3 of a Kind;
  • 2 pairs;
  • A pair;
  • A kicker – the highest card; the lowest one among other 5 card poker hands.

The probabilities to get this or that hand are usually shown in special tables with winning odds in poker.

Worst winning hands in a 5-card poker

When playing five-card poker, Ace-King, is considered the smallest pair. Besides, 2 and 7 (off suit) is a combination that will hardly bring a player a win. Other hands that a player will be not glad to get are 2+8, 3+8, 3+7, for instance. Ace can be also useless in some situations and it might be a mistake sometimes to keep it hoping that it will bring a win (i.e. Ace + a low unsuited card) .

All the tables with these hands are regularly published online, but it is worthless to remember this information. The best way to learn this stuff and use it winning more often is to play 5-card poker online as often as it is possible.

5 card Stud poker strategy

5 card Stud poker belongs to variations of Stud where up to ten participants (maximum) can play at a time. In this game, the player is initially given only one card that the opponents can see. There are also 2, 3, 4 “Street” cards plus the River as well. Meanwhile, there are no community cards here — it is possible to make combinations only with the help of your own cards. Stud played with 5 cards belongs to the oldest card games. Some gamblers say 5 card Stud poker game is “too old” to be splayed seriously, but professionals know that it can bring huge wins with the right strategy used.

5 card Stud poker strategy

Naturally, no one can work out his strategy here until he learns the game and masters it. Thus, it is better here to start with the rules that are not complicated and explained at any site, which offers its visitors free 5 card Stud poker. However, knowing them is not enough to play successfully. It is important to study the strategy of a profitable game and apply it when a serious game starts. One of these strategies is to remember the table of winning odds with this or that hand. All the variants of these tables are similar (the information there is the same).

Using poker probabilities to evaluate the benefits of decision making can be taken as the most significant part of a successful strategy. At the same time, it is important to know the probability of falling out of combinations in five-card poker when the cards are dealt in advance in order to assess the strength of a combination. For example, a player will receive a pair in about 43% of hands, and at the same time in 7% of hands, the opponent will get a higher hand before the exchange.

5-card Stud apps to choose

As soon as this Stud variant is not as popular as Stud played with 7 cards, it might be a problem to find 5 card Stud poker app. However, Android users can pay attention to the Poker Game application. Besides, online rooms are available for mobile players. These are:

  • PokerStars;
  • Unibet;
  • 888 Poker.

The second variant is not offered as often as the first and the third ones mentioned here, but it provides the most comfortable game both for newcomers and professionals. Apple devices owners can download it from the AppStore. The app works on any PC as well, and the game quality there does not differ from the app’s brightness that is seen on a mobile device. Newbies like it also as the Stud poker with 5 cards rules can be learned during free games, and nothing more but the player’s interest, the presence of a mobile device, and good net connection is needed.

Caribbean Stud Poker: rules and strategy

A wide variety of poker games are growing in popularity these days. Thousands of players flock to the main gambling halls – in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau – to spend their leisure time playing poker. Unlike playing poker in a regular casino, playing poker at home – in an online casino – has some features that make it unique, filling the game with charm and suspense.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a type of five-card poker with a reach history, similar to roulette tables. The prefix “Stud” in the name of the game means that in this type of poker, players cannot change the cards received from the dealer. The game of any poker begins with the fact that each player makes an initial bet – Ante. After that, at a special table, similar to a blackjack table, the dealer deals 5 cards to each player.

Caribbean Stud Poker rules

So, each player receives five cards and so does the dealer but One of the dealer’s cards is put face-up and the rest are face down. Players can study their combinations of cards but are not allowed to share information with others.

At this stage, the player can do two things: continue the game or discard his cards. If he decides to continue the game, he makes a bet equal to the double Ante bet. The Bet is placed in a special box “Bet”. If the player decides to fold, he gives the cards to the dealer, and the Ante bet is automatically lost.

After all, players have made a decision, the dealer reveals his cards. If he does not have any combinations higher than Ace + King, he pays all players a win equal to one Ante bet. If the dealer has a combination higher than Ace + King, then each remaining player compares his cards to the dealer’s; the one with the highest playing combination wins. If the dealer has the best combination, the player loses both the Ante and the Bet.

Caribbean Stud Poker has some specific rules you need to know:

  1. You can only play one hand per game;
  2. You should always keep your cards in sight of the dealer;
  3. You can only touch cards once. After you have looked at them and made a decision, do not touch them again;
  4. The Dealer Must Claim A-K or Better or the player automatically wins the ante. The lowest qualified is 4-3-2 with the highest qualifying hand would be Q-J-10-9;
  5. The progressive bet is entirely based on the strength of your own hands. The strength of the dealer’s hand in Caribbean Stud Poker does not matter.

Always follow these rules.

Correct way to play Caribbean Stud Poker

Players must follow some simple strategies to win:

  • Always place a bet if you have a pair or better;
  • Bet if you have an A-K and at least one of your other cards of the same value as the dealer;
  • You can bet if you have A-K-Q or A-K-J and one of your cards of the same value as the dealer;
  • If you have A-K-Q and two other cards of higher value than the dealer, make a bet;
  • Otherwise, discard.

Of course, you can design your own strategy.

Caribbean stud poker Vegas version is a lot of fun to play and generally, the other people at the table with you are very outgoing and intoxicated by the game. This game is worth playing if you enjoy slow games where there is no competition with other players at the table.

how to win texas

How to win at Texas Holdem regularly

Online Poker has recently gained a high popularity among the gamers of all ages and professions. Even if a person does not have the opportunity to compete in this card game in the land-based club, he just downloads any Poker game application from the Internet and enjoys the process day and night. Texas Holdem is the most popular type of card fun that has simple rules and high chances of winning for casino users.

How to learn winning a Texas Poker tournament?

Not only to play, but also to win – this is the main goal of any Poker fan. Even though the rules in Texas Holdem are quite simple, it takes a certain amount of time for a player to learn how to win at Texas Holdem competition best way. Especially if the player is planning to participate in Texas Holdem tournaments.

Collective card games attract the attention of gambling users who have a lot of experience in casinos. Such visitors of gaming platforms have been competing in a single round format for a long time, and now they want to play with other users in a group game. Poker tournaments are exciting gambling events that are held both offline and online. Nowadays any player can participate in such Poker tournaments and learn how to win at Texas Holdem.

Professional casino players give advice to newcomers about how to win at Texas Holdem Poker tournaments every time:

  • Take a look at your opponents ‘ actions and if they change tactics, you should also change your way of playing, if you want to learn how to always win at Texas Holdem;
  • Increase your bets gradually, and if you see that you can get the optimal winning combination of cards;
  • Try to keep your big blind when playing Texas Holdem Poker tournaments;
  • Re-raise in a wider range of hands and only in relation to a passive opponent;
  • Try to choose a game table with a minimum number of participants.

The secret of how to win at Texas Holdem is that you need to play very often to make a profit. That is, in a particular Poker hand, things do not always work out according to a desired intention for the casino client. Therefore, the number of rounds directly affects the player’s victory.

Strategy for winning Hold’em games on Facebook

Today you can play Texas Holdem on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. To do this, you can download the game app with card games on your device, or you just log in to the PC browser and start the competition in instant online mode.

Recently, many gamers use social networks for Poker entertainment. This also applies to conducting rounds of Texas Holdem. For example, you can freely compete in it, using your personal Facebook profile. According to the latest data, the number of regular Poker players on Facebook exceeds over 30 million people.

If you decide to become a Texas Poker player on Facebook then nothing is easier. Any user who has an account on the Facebook social network can do this. You just join the Poker round in the Texas Holdem Poker app on Facebook and start fighting with your friends or thousands of other players.

Facebook Poker game is shareware, and its essence is to earn as many chips as you can. If you ask yourself – how do you win Texas Holdem, then just start play with chips and win the game on Facebook. In addition, you will receive chips every day when you log into your Poker account. You can also receive chips from friends and give them your own. As you play and use various actions in it, you will gain experience and learn how to win in Texas Holdem Poker.

texas holdem online

Texas Hold’em online – play and win

Today you can find different types of Poker at online casino sites. The most popular and most traditional is Texas Hold’em online. This game is equally well suited for both novice customers of gambling clubs and professional players. Thanks to the successful work of modern computer software providers, today people can play card games online even without downloading the game to their devices. For more information about playing Poker online, take a look to the review below.

Hold’em Poker without registration and without money

Card game Poker has been known to people for a long time. Long before the first virtual platforms appeared, gambling people were already going to land-based casinos to collect the coveted combinations of Flush Royal or Full House. With the advent of online casinos, the card game has become more accessible to all people. Now you can play many rounds in Omaha Poker or Texas Holdem online without making any real bets.

To make playing online Poker bring you only joy and positive emotions, choose licensed entertainment venues. Pay attention to the presence of an online casino license, which is the main guarantee that you have a legal Poker site in front of you. Today, many reliable clubs offer their clients a game without money, that is, in a test format. As a rule, this option is provided on any site that has a good reputation.

Online game format allows a person to get gambling adrenaline, even without leaving home. The player simply selects Poker app and downloads it to their computer or tablet. However, not all users want to spend time downloading a card game to their computer. Many users prefer instant play when there is no need to register anywhere and there is no need to download Texas Hold’em Poker to the device.

Free game without registration and download has advantages, which is why this option is very popular among gamers today:

  • You can start a game of Texas Holdem online instantly, at any convenient time for you;
  • There is no need to specify your personal data on the casino website, which means that the player retains maximum confidentiality;
  • A wide range of versions of Texas Hold’em is available today without registration and download;
  • You play without money, which means you don’t risk your budget;
  • You can always quit the game and find a new version of Texas Hold’em on the Internet.

Why waste time downloading Poker to your device when you can participate in a round at any time? Many modern casino customers have already appreciated the advantages of Texas Holdem online free no download and no registration.

Features of Ultimate Hold’em Poker

If you like Poker and especially its Texas Hold’em online version, then you should try the game – Ultimate Hold’em Poker. This gambling entertainment has the same rules as classic Poker. But there are also some features that make this game so attractive for beginners of gaming.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker online is played with a 52-card deck. In this sense, this version of Poker is no different from other well-known types of the card competition. The main difference between this type of Poker is that the player can place a confirmation at any time of the game.

Round begins with all the players at the table placing bets. This will be an Ante bet, as well as a bonus – Blind bet. Then, the dealer distributes cards in a circle and each participant eventually gets 2 cards that are not visible to the others. The next stage – dealer puts three common cards in the center of a table and the participants make decisions about the combinations. Players either continue the round or discard their cards.

The most desirable combination in this type of Poker is the Royal Flush. The payout is 500:1 and the calculation is based on the Blind bid. The lowest hand you can collect in Ultimate Hold’em Poker is a pair of Deuces.

texas holdem poker

Texas Hold’em offline games

Poker develops logical thinking, and it is not even considered a game of chance, although gamblers, who pick it, play poker in casinos. The best of them do not even work officially as poker “feeds” bringing these guys good money. However, a person, who does not know its tricks and rules, can lose a lot, waste time, and break his nerves.

No one wants to be a loser and hear other, luckiest players’ mocks. In order to avoid these unpleasant moments, it is better to train playing cards, choosing, for instance, the full version of Texas Hold’em offline game. The sense of choosing it is evident: playing free Texas Hold’em poker games offline, one can train poker when he wants and gains gambling experience.

Texas Hold’em offline games for computer

Originated in the USA in the 19th century, in the vastness of the Wild West, poker has come to our life as the game that is chosen by people, who can think logically, who have strong nerves and tons of patience. Poker has dozens of variations. However, as it gained the biggest popularity in TX, Texas Hold’em is the #1 variant. Tournaments in this game (with huge prizes) have appeared. Instead of a cup, as in sports competitions, winners are awarded large sums of money and bracelets. A bracelet has already become a distinctive mark of quality. Guys, who are dreaming about this wonderful award or simply wish to enjoy playing cards following classic poker rules, can download various Texas Hold’em offline variants for PC.

offline poker

These can be Flash or HTML games, and the choice depends on the OS and the user’s preferences. This is the list of some computer Texas Hold’em offline games:

  • Texas Hold’em Poker Plus;
  • Pure Hold’em;
  • Texas Hold’em 3D Deluxe Edition;
  • Pokerist Texas Hold’em offline, etc.

They say the ratio of luck and skill in poker is approximately 70/30%. Installing an offline TX Hold’em game app for PC, any person can easy check this statement.

Texas Hold’em for iPad

With the appearance of Apple mobile devices, poker players started to use their iPad to play Texas Hold’em offline. As the choice of these applications is wide (free and real-money games), the decision which of the application for an Apple tablet is to choose depends on a person and his preferences, The easiest way to look through the updated list of these apps is to visit AppStore and check the offers there.

Starting with the TX Hold’em free game offline, a newbie will soon start to feel the gambling process and collect Royal Flush — the combination, which cannot be beaten by any other poker hand. Using his skills, he will get all chances to gamble at a real casino successfully and win thousands of dollars or Euros.


Texas Hold’em app for free — become a professional poker player

Poker is called the most honored card game. It is chosen by millions, but sometimes, it is not so easy to find an opponent to play it with in reality. This problem disappears when a person decides to download the best Texas Hold’em app. It provides him freedom and comfort. Besides, any app can be additional help for a newbie, who is going to learn poker to play it later as a professional gambler.

Texas Hold’em app — a great choice for any poker player

Why is Texas Hold’em poker app that can be found at Google Play, for instance, so great? First of all, it’s completely free. Plus, its user is able to play poker with thousands of players from all over the world, using Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/5G. Players don’t need a laptop or computer — they get full mobility. This means that as soon as a gamer has a free minute, he can take out a mobile device and play poker. The gameplay most free Texas Hold’em apps is as realistic as possible, so even casual users will sit at virtual tables for more than one hour. If someone, who uses application to play poker, does not know the rules, it is not a problem. For beginners, a separate section with help on the game, as well as with poker rules and examples of combinations is usually provided.

The best TX Hold’em apps and their features

As there are a lot of ordinary poker games in the AppStore and Google play, each one can try any number of them paying for it nothing, and finally, leave the app he likes most of all:

  • GGPoker Texas Hold’em app;
  • Poker Heat;
  • 888 Poker;
  • Zynga Poker, etc.

The coolest applications offer their players huge selection of tables. One can pick them by the number of players, speed of the game, the size of the bets. Each app user can exchange instant messages with any player, and often, he can do this both at the game table and in the main menu. In this case, the entire history of this correspondence will be saved in one place. Some Texas Hold’em apps for iPhone and Android have a “gift” features. The player can “send” his virtual opponent cocktail or even chips.

Traditionally, there are several options for logging into the game: using an existing Facebook or a game account, by creating a new account, or a trial game as a guest. Profile data from Facebook is automatically transferred to a player’s profile, which greatly simplifies registration.

Choosing the most beautiful, convenient, realistic, and, what is important, stable Texas Hold’em app, joining millions of poker fans, each one gets a unique chance to feel the best worldwide-played card game.

4 Card Poker – choose the best strategy and enjoy the victory

In today’s world, there is a wide variety of games at Poker, among which, along with the popular Texas Hold’em, people can try their hand at lesser-known card entertainment. These include 4 Card Poker, which appeared in the gaming industry relatively recently, so now it can not be found in every online casino Australia or specialized rooms. The game has the same principles with 3 Card Poker, and it differs from other types by the presence of an exclusive table with special fields for making bets.

Also in this entertainment different combinations such as Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Trips, Flush, Straight, Two pairs, Pair and High card are formed. There are three main bets here: Ante (compulsory payment before hand cards are dealt), Play (carried out after evaluating the combination) and the optional Aces Up bet, made at the discretion of the player.

Anyone who wants to diversify their leisure time and gain more experience in the game can try their luck in entertaining Crazy 4 Poker, where you can apply the appropriate strategy and receive certain payouts.

4 Card Poker rules

All players who want to quickly learn how to play 4 Card Poker should always remember that the game is played against the dealer (gambling establishment), it uses a classic deck of 52 cards and to win, a person needs to build a combination stronger than the dealer. Each participant receives 5 pocket cards, and they are allowed to use only 4 of them to form a winning hand. Here’s how the game goes:

  1. The start of 4 Card Poker is the Ante blind bet. If desired, the player can make an Aces Up bet, which should be equivalent to the previous one. At the end, the dealer gives everyone one by one five closed cards, and six to themselves, where the last one is open.
  2. The dealer’s hand here has no power limitations and is in any case compared to the combinations of players who continue the game.
  3. After assessing the strength of their own cards and the chances of winning, the player can stop the game and lose perfect bets, or continue the contest by making a Play bet.
  4. After the showdown, the payouts of the winning Aces Up bets occur first. Next, lined up combinations of players and croupiers are compared. If luck is on the side of the participant, then the Ante bet is paid 1: 1. In case of loss, the bet is credited to the dealer.

If a game participant is lucky to form one of the strongest combinations (Four of a Kind, Straight Flush or Trips), then they can count on additional cash rewards from the game club.

Winning game strategies

When playing 4 Card Poker online, each person not only wants to diversify their own leisure and spend their free time the most exciting, but also earn certain cash rewards. For this, in addition to knowing the rules, the confident use of a proven strategy is useful. Here are the existing tactics for this game:

  • In the event that a player has collected a pair from the Queen to Aces or even higher, they need to safely bet 3 to 1;
  • If the combination contains A, K, J, 9 and below, such a hand will not bring success to anyone, since the chance of winning is minimal;
  • A pair of twos or A, K, Q, as well as a pair of triples, from fours to sevens or from eights, makes it possible for the game participants to put 1 to 1. In any case, it is necessary to make a decision based on the dealer’s open card.

One can easily conclude that 4 Card Poker is the kind of game where simple rules and a high probability of winning are perfectly combined.

Pai Gow Poker – use all the game features to defeat the dealer

Many fans of gambling in the world call Pai Gow Poker a little exotic, as this entertainment is considered a certain kind of Chinese domino, which appeared about two centuries ago. But in our time, this exciting card game is quite popular, although its rules are significantly different from the classic version. Its great advantage is the fact that the player needs to beat only one opponent, who is the dealer. Therefore, play becomes much easier than against multiple players.

This exciting card entertainment gives people an excellent opportunity to have a very entertaining time, completely not worrying about their personal gaming experience. Luck plays a big role in a successful outcome, and novice players are even allowed to use the tips of a professional dealer. Although the game is quite rare in interactive casinos, it is still easy to find it on the Internet on many gaming sites where a complete betting system and other useful information about the current rules are provided.

Features and game process procedure

Novice players should always remember that at different casinos Pai Gow Poker rules can usually vary significantly. Here are the main stages of the gameplay:

  1. Worldwide, Pai Gow Poker is played with a deck of 52 cards, plus 1 joker. Usually 6 players are present at the same time. Each participant in the game receives 7 cards face down.
  2. The next step is to split the cards into two hands according to special rules, which are called House Way. The first hand is called High and has 5 cards. The second Low hand consists of only 2 cards and at the same time should not be stronger than the first, otherwise the player will be counted an automatic loss.
  3. Further, the dealer performs the same actions with their cards and all are revealed.
  4. The next step is to compare the combinations of both hands. If both combinations of a player are stronger than that of the dealer, then they win and receive a payout 1 to 1. In the case of superiority of one hand and weakness of the other, a tie is declared and the bet is returned to the player. The participant’s bet goes to the casino if both hands are weaker.
  5. The Joker complements the combinations of Straight, Flush, Straight Flush, Royal Flush or acts as an Ace (always on the Low hand).

The Fortune special additional bet is paid regardless of how the person sets their hand, according to the Fortune Bet payout table.

Best Pai Gow Poker strategies

The most important task for players who often practice Pai Gow Poker online is to learn how to split cards between High and Low hands, which significantly increases odds for winning. Here is the optimal game strategy:

  • If there is no combination, you should leave the highest card in the High hand, and put the next two in the Low hand;
  • If there is a Pair, it is left in the High hand, and the two highest cards from the remaining cards are sent to the Low hand;
  • If there are Two pairs, do not separate if the sum of points is 9 or less with the King or Ace, the sum of points is 15 or less with the Ace. Separate sevens and deuces under the King and above, Kings and deuces under the Ace;
  • If there are three pairs, set aside the senior pair on Low hand;
  • In the presence of ordinary Straight and Flush, leave for High hand. If there are combinations of six cards, then put the two most senior cards on Low hand;
  • If you have Straight Flush or Royal Flush, leave them in High hand.

More information on suitable strategies can be found on the portal website with Pai Gow Poker.

Three-card Brag: the Gambling Concept, Basic Rules & Hands Values

Three-card brag is a variant of poker where the players are playing the game against a casino, and combinations are made of three cards. This game has a rich history – it was played in Britain in the 16th century. It came from a card game of the era of Elizabeth I called “example” – one of the ancestors of poker. After making the antes and, possibly, additional bets, the players and dealer will be dealt three cards each. The players look at their hands and decide whether they want to make another bet – its size, as a rule, is equal to the size of the ante.

Three-card brag: the Origin of Gambling Concept

The one who manages to present the highest combination of cards wins the three card brag game. Players have the right to argue about the corresponding dignity of their cards. The player who makes the highest statement has the right not to show cards if everyone else saves. Therefore, in the brag, as in poker, there is an element of bluffing. And, nevertheless, significant differences between these two games still exist. Usually, players agree to what extent they can raise a bet. The rate of the dealer must not exceed this figure. Participants make bets with the chips. At the end of the game, they exchange these chips for money according to the established equivalent. After that, the dealer mixes the deck and deals three cards to everyone. The rest of the deck lays on the table. Players get acquainted with their cards, and under this make their bets. If the cards are good, the players have the right to bet no less than the dealer. With bad cards, the players pass and leave the game.

The Main Rules & Hands of Three Card Brag

It is a three-card game which involves a full deck. Three cards are called brags and play the role of jokers. It is a tambourine ace, a jack of clubs, and a tambourine nine. Each of these cards can replace any other card. How to play this card game? There are the main points:

  • The online game begins with the dealer making a bet to the agreed limit. Brag is one of the free games in which, if they are not playing for money, there are no points;
  • Then, the players receive three cards, and they must take turns either to make a bet no less than the dealer, or (as in poker) to leave the game.

According to the three card brag rules and the agreed scheme, each next player can raise the bet. If the participants have announced a combination and no one has challenged it, they take the fund without showing their cards. However, all players can be asked to show their cards. The representatives of mightier cards will take the fund. The order of value of the combinations:

  • Three natural Aces – in this case, the Ace of Diamonds is considered natural in three-card brag;
  • Three aces, of which one or more cards is a brag. For example, a jack of clubs and a tambourine nine with any ace;
  • Three natural kings;
  • Three kings, of which one or two is replaced by a brag.

And so on – up to three deuces. After three equal cards, there are pairs: from aces to twos, and a pair of natural cards are rated higher than a pair with a brag. If two players of three-card brag have the same pair, then the one who is older than the third card wins. If equal cards came to the players, then the advantage belongs to the highest hand, that is, to the one who made the first bet.