3 Card Poker – game with simple rules, which can bring a big win

Experienced and even novice players around the world note that 3 Card Poker has won great interest among people not only due to the interesting gameplay. The highlight of the game is its simple rules, as well as the ability to win big cash prizes and in some cases receive special rewards with bonus from a gambling establishment. The rules of this entertainment are largely based on the classic task of forming the most impressive winning combination, which could help the player get a confident victory over the dealer.

Here, combinations such as Mini Royal (Ace, King and Queen of the same suit), Straight Flush (three consecutive cards of the same suit) and Three-of-a-kind have a higher rank. They are followed by Straight, Flush, Pair and High card. Since the game is quite popular, it is easy to find in elite land gambling establishments. And for those who do not want to leave the boundaries of personal housing, they can play online casinos from their computer without any problems, or take a suitable game table using their mobile phones.

3 Card Poker gameplay procedure

Those active players who are keen to learn how to play 3 Card Poker in a short time should know that the main difference between this entertainment and the rest of the varieties is the presence of two games (Ante and Pair) in one, which significantly increases the participants’ chances of a confident victory. Here are the main rules of the gameplay:

  1. Before the dealer begins to deal cards, each of the participants must place an Ante bet. Here you can also bet Ante-bonus and Pair-or-better (Optional Bonus Bet). After that, all players and the dealer receive three cards face down.
  2. The next step is to assess the strength of the player’s hand and a decision is made for further actions. A person may stop playing and at the same time lose all personal bets, and may also continue the contest by answering Call.
  3. At the end of the 3 Card Poker bidding round, the cards are revealed and the player who made the Pair-or-better bet and received at least Pair and more, is the first to receive their payment with bonus, regardless of the dealer cards.
  4. The final step is to compare cards of game participants with the dealer’s cards. In the event that the dealer has all cards are below the Queen, the players receive a double payment of the Ante bet.

If the combination of the dealer in the game and the player’s turned out to be stronger, then Ante and Call bets are paid 1 to 1. With equal hands, a tie is declared, and if the player’s combination is lower, than that of the dealer, they lose their bets. When forming a combination of Straight or higher, the gambling establishment pays visitors special bonus money, in accordance with the rules of the casino.

Possible strategies for a successful outcome of the game

As for any exciting board game, the 3 Card Poker strategy is surely being developed with the task to maximize the player’s chances of a big win. Here are the techniques and systems that exist for this game:

  • Many experienced players raise Ante and Call bets in the hope that the dealer will have a higher card smaller than the Queen;
  • At the same time, you need to know that drawing each hand by raising bets is a bad idea, as sometimes the advantage of a casino increases from 3.5% to 7.5%;
  • The highlight of the game is the optional Pair-or-better bet, which is often winning and is generously paid (sometimes in the ratio of 40 to 1 or higher). This bet is a bonus, so the casino has a slightly smaller advantage.

Many people who know how to win make the game more fun while betting on Ante and Pair-or-better.

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