4 Card Poker – choose the best strategy and enjoy the victory

In today’s world, there is a wide variety of games at Poker, among which, along with the popular Texas Hold’em, people can try their hand at lesser-known card entertainment. These include 4 Card Poker, which appeared in the gaming industry relatively recently, so now it can not be found in every online casino Australia or specialized rooms. The game has the same principles with 3 Card Poker, and it differs from other types by the presence of an exclusive table with special fields for making bets.

Also in this entertainment different combinations such as Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Trips, Flush, Straight, Two pairs, Pair and High card are formed. There are three main bets here: Ante (compulsory payment before hand cards are dealt), Play (carried out after evaluating the combination) and the optional Aces Up bet, made at the discretion of the player.

Anyone who wants to diversify their leisure time and gain more experience in the game can try their luck in entertaining Crazy 4 Poker, where you can apply the appropriate strategy and receive certain payouts.

4 Card Poker rules

All players who want to quickly learn how to play 4 Card Poker should always remember that the game is played against the dealer (gambling establishment), it uses a classic deck of 52 cards and to win, a person needs to build a combination stronger than the dealer. Each participant receives 5 pocket cards, and they are allowed to use only 4 of them to form a winning hand. Here’s how the game goes:

  1. The start of 4 Card Poker is the Ante blind bet. If desired, the player can make an Aces Up bet, which should be equivalent to the previous one. At the end, the dealer gives everyone one by one five closed cards, and six to themselves, where the last one is open.
  2. The dealer’s hand here has no power limitations and is in any case compared to the combinations of players who continue the game.
  3. After assessing the strength of their own cards and the chances of winning, the player can stop the game and lose perfect bets, or continue the contest by making a Play bet.
  4. After the showdown, the payouts of the winning Aces Up bets occur first. Next, lined up combinations of players and croupiers are compared. If luck is on the side of the participant, then the Ante bet is paid 1: 1. In case of loss, the bet is credited to the dealer.

If a game participant is lucky to form one of the strongest combinations (Four of a Kind, Straight Flush or Trips), then they can count on additional cash rewards from the game club.

Winning game strategies

When playing 4 Card Poker online, each person not only wants to diversify their own leisure and spend their free time the most exciting, but also earn certain cash rewards. For this, in addition to knowing the rules, the confident use of a proven strategy is useful. Here are the existing tactics for this game:

  • In the event that a player has collected a pair from the Queen to Aces or even higher, they need to safely bet 3 to 1;
  • If the combination contains A, K, J, 9 and below, such a hand will not bring success to anyone, since the chance of winning is minimal;
  • A pair of twos or A, K, Q, as well as a pair of triples, from fours to sevens or from eights, makes it possible for the game participants to put 1 to 1. In any case, it is necessary to make a decision based on the dealer’s open card.

One can easily conclude that 4 Card Poker is the kind of game where simple rules and a high probability of winning are perfectly combined.

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