Caribbean Stud Poker: rules and strategy

A wide variety of poker games are growing in popularity these days. Thousands of players flock to the main gambling halls – in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau – to spend their leisure time playing poker. Unlike playing poker in a regular casino, playing poker at home – in an online casino – has some features that make it unique, filling the game with charm and suspense.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a type of five-card poker with a reach history, similar to roulette tables. The prefix “Stud” in the name of the game means that in this type of poker, players cannot change the cards received from the dealer. The game of any poker begins with the fact that each player makes an initial bet – Ante. After that, at a special table, similar to a blackjack table, the dealer deals 5 cards to each player.

Caribbean Stud Poker rules

So, each player receives five cards and so does the dealer but One of the dealer’s cards is put face-up and the rest are face down. Players can study their combinations of cards but are not allowed to share information with others.

At this stage, the player can do two things: continue the game or discard his cards. If he decides to continue the game, he makes a bet equal to the double Ante bet. The Bet is placed in a special box “Bet”. If the player decides to fold, he gives the cards to the dealer, and the Ante bet is automatically lost.

After all, players have made a decision, the dealer reveals his cards. If he does not have any combinations higher than Ace + King, he pays all players a win equal to one Ante bet. If the dealer has a combination higher than Ace + King, then each remaining player compares his cards to the dealer’s; the one with the highest playing combination wins. If the dealer has the best combination, the player loses both the Ante and the Bet.

Caribbean Stud Poker has some specific rules you need to know:

  1. You can only play one hand per game;
  2. You should always keep your cards in sight of the dealer;
  3. You can only touch cards once. After you have looked at them and made a decision, do not touch them again;
  4. The Dealer Must Claim A-K or Better or the player automatically wins the ante. The lowest qualified is 4-3-2 with the highest qualifying hand would be Q-J-10-9;
  5. The progressive bet is entirely based on the strength of your own hands. The strength of the dealer’s hand in Caribbean Stud Poker does not matter.

Always follow these rules.

Correct way to play Caribbean Stud Poker

Players must follow some simple strategies to win:

  • Always place a bet if you have a pair or better;
  • Bet if you have an A-K and at least one of your other cards of the same value as the dealer;
  • You can bet if you have A-K-Q or A-K-J and one of your cards of the same value as the dealer;
  • If you have A-K-Q and two other cards of higher value than the dealer, make a bet;
  • Otherwise, discard.

Of course, you can design your own strategy.

Caribbean stud poker Vegas version is a lot of fun to play and generally, the other people at the table with you are very outgoing and intoxicated by the game. This game is worth playing if you enjoy slow games where there is no competition with other players at the table.

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