How do Blackjack strategy card counting systems work

Blackjack card counting strategy is another way of strategic thinking. Some gamblers suppose that is it an illegal way to win, but it is not true. Blackjack strategy card counting method can be used, but in case, when a gambler plays in reality, with buddies at home or in a real land casino.

Blackjack strategy card counting method

Reading cards online is pretty pointless because of the random number generators that are used in the web casinos. However, in an online casino with live dealers where several hands can be played before a player reaches the deck, and the dealer needs to mix the decks, the Blackjack strategy card counting method can be very effective!

There are several ways of doing these calculations: with a real casino, they must be done in mind, and with a real dealer casino, even a paper and a pen can be useful. Hi-Lo is often called a Blackjack basic strategy card counting system, although the other ones exist, and they are:

  • Mentor;
  • REKO;
  • Zen Count;
  • Red Seven and other Blackjack strategy card counting methods.

How to read cards — simple Hi-Lo system

As soon as the first card is issued from a new mixed deck, the card counter begins to calculate the cost of the cards. For a card with low value, a player needs to add 1 point, and for a card with a high value, he must subtract 1 point from the current account. All cards from 7 to 9 are neutral and are not counted. The total number after this round should be +1.

More cards with a low value were dealt with, and, therefore, there are more cards with a higher value in the deck. The more information the gambler has collected, using this single-deck Blackjack strategy card counting method, the more accurate his score will be. Thus, the benefit can be greater.

The player should count all cards in the deck when he is doing it for the first time. If the score is correct, it should end with 0. The advantages of a quick and simple method far outweigh the more accurate but more sophisticated counting system. High-quality cards, such as tens and aces, increase the probability of Blackjack and give the player useful hands.

Cards left in the deck

The second way to increase the possibility of a win is the number of cards left in the deck. The closer a player gets to the bottom of the deck, the more accurate the score will be. If he divides his running score by the approximate number of remaining decks, he will get a true score. This calculation may be a little complicated at first, but further, it will be easier.


Suppose, the run score is +4, and the decks remaining in the deck are estimated as 2, then the true score should be +4 / 2 = + 2.

If the account still shows a clearly positive result after implementing the Blackjack strategy card counting system, one has a good chance of making a good profit by increasing the rate, if not, the Surrender variant after card counting can be used (to save at least a half of a bet).

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