How to play Blackjack and win in any online casino?

Although many people seriously believe that they know how to play Blackjack and count cards, in reality, BJ belongs to the most complicated games of chance. Modern casinos offer a variety of entertainment, but this game is always among the most often played ones.

Some cautious beginners that do not want to start their “career” of a gambler from a fail, are interested in the game rules and strategies beforehand. Therefore, there is nothing naïve in the question sounding like “How to play Blackjack at the casino?

How to play Blackjack according to the game rules?

BJ attracts players who want to win much and prove to everybody that they are smart enough to beat the dealer. The main idea when playing is to get a score of 21 points when taking cards (or close to 21). The trick here is simple: it is needed to “feel” cards not to take more than 21. Sometimes, getting 21 seems very easy at first glance. Nevertheless, to succeed, players need to follow the tips of experienced players.

Thus, often players that are interested in the information on how to play Blackjack read much about card counting and, what is almost an ABC of this game, the basic strategy. Since this is a famous game, hundreds of successful players and blackjack theorists have written countless blackjack books with useful and helpful information that can also be used to play online blackjack. These books inspired many players to test their skills in this game.

Points in BJ — how to count them?

Naturally, reading is good but it is nothing without experience. The basic approach to BJ is simple once a player becomes familiar with the card values. Each card in a deck has a number between 1 and 11. The Ace can bring either 1 or 11, and the player can decide which of the two he prefers. The score of the cards with 2-9 corresponds to their values, while the 10 and all “pictures” worth 10 points.

The perfect BJ has an Ace+10 (or a face card), which gives hand totaling 21. The card’s color means nothing. So, any “Blackjack how to play” question can be answered like: take cards, but be cautious when doing it.

The basic BJ strategy

This strategy is simple: a player has to draw another card if the dealer’s open card is worth 7 or higher and the player has fewer than 16 in total. If the dealer’s open card is 7 or higher and the total score of the player is 17 or more, he should stop. When the player stops, he will not receive any more cards to improve his hand. The reason for this strategy is that the house rules “push” the dealer gets more cards until he gets at least 17.

Gamblers must bear in mind that the dealer does not make any monetary bets and that his game is dictated by the house rules — so the player always has an idea of what he’s going to do next. If the dealer has a 6 or lower and the total score is 11 or less, the player should always draw another card, as the dealer must draw at least one more card (to get 17). On the other hand, if the dealer has a 6 or lower and the total score is 12+, the player should stop.

Since the house has an advantage, this basic blackjack strategy will increase the player’s probability of winning. If this strategy can be explained in a couple of tips, it would be something like:

  • Asking about how to play Blackjack, remember the card values;
  • Always remember about when to stop not to exceed 21;
  • Try to remember cards used in games (52 is not too much to remember).

Blackjack card counting

Asking about how to play Blackjack and win consistently, a player must remember not rules only but learn more about a card counting strategy. This is guaranteed to change odds in favor of the player and is not difficult to learn — anyone can master it. This strategy is based on the fact that certain cards favor the player and others — the dealer.

Depending on the cards dealt in the game, the player can determine which cards remain in the deck; this affects how the player should play his hand. For example, if there are more cards left to favor the player, he has better odds and can increase his bet to take advantage of them. Blackjack card counting helps the player make decisions: the dealer has no choice and that is why the card counting works.

The player can change his strategy at any time if his chances of winning are good. Knowing now how to play casino Blackjack, a player can start training this game for free in any good online casino.

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