How to win Baccarat in casino: start with rules and learn tips

Baccarat belongs to the oldest card games. Before, Tarot cards were used in it, and people even tried to tell fortune during this game. Today, it is played in most online casinos, especially in these casinos where the game with a deal dealer is available. Those, who are involved in this type of gambling, are eager to learn how to win Baccarat in casino.

Besides learning rules, they try to apply various strategies. Since Baccarat is a specific game and not much depends on the player (they can change the value of the bet) almost all progressive strategies, starting with Martingale and related systems — the strategies of D’Alembert, Donald-Nathanson and others work with it. Good results are shown by the Labouchere system.

These systems are described in details on the sites devoted to gambling. Playing the system of Laboucher significantly reduces the risk of a player losing a large amount. However, all these systems might seem to be too complicated for a newbie. The beginner needs to learn basic tips that will help them to understand how to win Baccarat game in casino.

How to win Baccarat in casino — start with rules

Certainly, no one will ever learn how to win Baccarat in casino, if they do not know the rules and how to bet.

The game may seem to be very simple. Betting on a Player, a banker or making a Tie bet, players must collect 9 points or the number that is close to nine. All “pictures” in this game give zero, while an Ace is one point. The other cards correspond to their faces “value” (i.e. 8 brings 8).

Why do people choose Baccarat?

Some people find out that this game is too simple, and it is not worth choosing it. In reality, baccarat is very exciting entertainment. Besides, professional players make big money on it. Baccarat is chosen for these reasons:

  • If a player loves to challenge the fate and experience fortune, then this is an excellent choice. In Baccarat, success is determined by luck in most cases. Thus, answering the question, how to win Baccarat in casino, it becomes clear: the player must be loved by Fortune.
  • The casino here has the smallest advantage which is 1.06%.
  • The spread on Baccarat bets is wide enough, which means that at one table one can bet any amount.

Playing Baccarat — simple tips

Although different casinos offer various types of Baccarat, rules and the types of bets are almost the same everywhere. The layout of the table, in fact, is also the same, if not go into details.

Therefore, when making a choice, it is better to start from the betting range, the size of the commission from the winnings at the rate per banker and the number of decks involved in the game (the smaller the better). Tips for the beginners on how to win Baccarat in casino when the gambler wants to play this game are simple — the player should always bet on a banker since this bet has the least advantage of a casino.

Betting on a player and tie bet

It is acceptable to bet on a player, but a tie bet should not be chosen, because this option is very disadvantageous for a casino customer. Different betting systems can be used, but they will not be of practical use.

In any case, they will not increase the theoretical return. Counting cards in Baccarat (just like Blackjack counters do) is almost pointless even in real casinos. In online casinos, this practice is useless. Position at the table does not matter, nor does the number of players. Therefore, these things are not important at all.

Secrets to win

Baccarat can be found in almost any online casino. Many of them offer a virtual version of the game and a game with the dealer. Due to the small advantages of online casinos and volatility, casinos often offer high wagering requirements and bonuses.

Those, who are interested in getting the answer to the question of how to win Baccarat in the casino, should remember that is it better to refuse from using these bonuses. During the game, the player must keep in mind that despite the low percentage of casino benefits, the longer they play, the less likely they can win.


Based on logical reasoning and answering the question, how to win Baccarat in casino, the following conclusions can be made:

  • When somebody bets of a banker, it becomes more profitable compared to choosing a bet made on a player. It is easy to compare — the player’s bet advantage is 1.29%, and the banker’s advantage is 1.01%. Tie bet is always the least successful one.
  • The more decks are involved in the game; the less advantageous it is for the gambler.
  • The odds of the gambler’s winning also depend on the size of the commission on the banker. It is better to pick games with commissions that are under 4%.
  • Reasonable bets must be chosen, but when a gambler wins and wins a lot, they should better leave the game immediately.

To learn more about how to win in casino Baccarat, it is advisable to play free variants of this card game, using slots and simulators or even play with buddies using real decks of cards. Experience is the best advisor always.

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