Rules and basic strategy for Texas Hold’em Poker online game

Texas Hold’em Poker online game is played at Poker sites and special rooms by 2 to 10 people at the same table. In the case of major tournaments, the game runs in parallel on several tables, and then the remaining ten people play at the final table. The goal of the game is simple is to collect all the chips at the table, or their maximum number for a certain period of time or the number of hands.

To win the hand it is necessary to collect the strongest hand at the table, or, using a bluff, convince the opponents of this so that they discard their cards. The live game at the table is played by the dealer, who always helps players understand whose move is now and what options they have.

However, this is an extreme case, for learning the basic rules of the game and remembering the important nuances is quite simple. Besides, free online Texas Hold’em Poker is often played with a game simulator. It has the Rules section, but learning this stuff be heart helps a player much more.

Texas Hold’em Poker online game rules

The popularity of Texas Hold’em Poker online game is largely based on its simple and understandable rules:

  • The dealer shuffles all the cards (in an online variant, it is an automatic function).
  • He gives cards to each gambler, starting to his left. In Texas Hold’em Poker online game, like in Blackjack online, cards are given to a player automatically.
  • Then trades start, and the player can call, raise his bet or fold;
  • When all players finish trading, the dealer opens 3 common cards. The flop round starts.
  • After it, the Turn is started — it involves the4th cards.
  • The 5th card in the River round finishes the trades.
  • Finally, the showdown comes. The best combination wins.

Hands in Hold’em and their ranking

When a beginner wants to remember all the combinations of the cards, he must pick free Texas Hold’em Poker online game variant. Playing often, he would simply remember the cards and hands values. They are the following combinations:

  • Straight Flush (the best Straight Flush with A+K+Q+J+10, where all cards have the same suit is called Royal Flush).
  • Four of a Kind (the best hand with four identical cards: A+A+A+K).
  • Full House (the finest hand here involves 3 Aces+ 2 Kings).
  • Flush (the coolest hand is five any suited cards with an Ace).
  • Street (Street’s strongest hand involves cards from Ace to 10 various suits).
  • Three of a Kind (The strongest hand with three of the same: AAA+K+Q).
  • Two pairs (The best one is AA+KK+Q).
  • Pair (The best hand is AA +K+Q+J).
  • High Card (Strongest Hand has an Ace).

Winning strategies

To win in Texas Hold’em Poker online game, it is better to start training using real paper or plastic cards and/or using Android phones (the apk file must be downloaded to install the game. At the beginning of the game, it is needed to remember all the hands. Besides, using freerolls and no deposit bonus further will be the best strategy to start. A newbie should also know when to stop and have the game “feeling”. They say, the top-players never followed any special strategies but their intuition.

When a player wants to win in Poker Texas Hold’em online games, it should become like a job for him. However, it differs from the usual work in that at the beginning of the working day one may have more funds than at the end. In other words, no one is safe from losing over a short distance here. The fail must not be the reason for depression.

After an unsuccessful session, the best way out is to relax in the fresh air, sleep read a book on card games. Anything but anger that can flow in the transition to expensive tournaments and the descent of a bankroll in a matter of minutes.

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