The most popular types of poker and their features

Varieties of Poker

Online casino themes are different, and today let’s look at one of them – the features and varieties of Poker. If you consider yourself as a professional gamer, you probably know the main types of this exciting card playing. Poker has been loved at all times. When there was no Internet, people used to gather at the gaming houses, and started real Poker meetings.

However, let’s go back to Poker types. In 2019, several major variants of this card game are known in the entertaining world. There are basic options that are present on each gambling site, and there are different versions of it that can have a variety of nuances.

Among the most popular types of this card competition are the following variants of Poker Stars:

According to numerous reviews of online gamers the most favorite ones are:

These types of Poker have their own specific features, which we will learn below.

Texas hold’em

Some players call this type “Texas poker” and there are certain reasons for this. This kind of card game undoubtedly occupies the highest line of our Poker rating. In addition, its position is quite strong in Poker Stars. Why this species has such an extraordinary popularity? The thing is that it combines the simplicity of the gambling process and its fascination.

The game begins with the fact that each participant receives a competition in the hands of two cards. For other players, the face value of the cards is unknown. Each player can see only his cards. Next, the dealer gives the player three more cards. Thus, in the hands of a person are five cards from which he can make the best combination. These combinations can be very different and thanks to them the player can either lose the round or win.

Further, when the cards are opened, the player makes his bet. But we must remember one more important rule – in order to receive new cards and participate in the distribution, a person must make a deposit to the general bank, which can then go to the gamer who has the best positions.


This kind of card game is called the most traditional. Here are not the easiest rules and so many players do not like this option. However, for true connoisseurs of Poker in its classic version, Stud is the best game. There are very complex rules that are not easy to remember at first glance.

The dealer is giving to players seven cards. The best combination is going, despite this, only 5 cards. In this game, the participants have traditionally done very limited rate.


This game is one of the most favorite among gamers, especially beginners. The process of the round is as follows: participants receive four “pocket” cards. Then, the dealer gives players the usual cards, which should be a so-called Board. The user must assemble the best combination of two pocket cards and three regular. The winner is the gamer who will collect the most “expensive” combination.


If you want to have fun and spend your Friday leisure time with friends, choose this type of Poker. Here are the same rules as in the classic version of the game, but there is one feature. In this game, the participant has the right to make one additional exchange of cards. This option is very fond of beginners of online casino.


This type casino users call the Asian option. Badugi rules involve matching card combinations from the highest card in the hierarchy to the lowest. Here, players do not receive five cards from the dealer, but only four cards with a value up. According to Badugi rules, the competition between participants is conducted with a fixed limit.

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