Three-card Brag: the Gambling Concept, Basic Rules & Hands Values

Three-card brag is a variant of poker where the players are playing the game against a casino, and combinations are made of three cards. This game has a rich history – it was played in Britain in the 16th century. It came from a card game of the era of Elizabeth I called “example” – one of the ancestors of poker. After making the antes and, possibly, additional bets, the players and dealer will be dealt three cards each. The players look at their hands and decide whether they want to make another bet – its size, as a rule, is equal to the size of the ante.

Three-card brag: the Origin of Gambling Concept

The one who manages to present the highest combination of cards wins the three card brag game. Players have the right to argue about the corresponding dignity of their cards. The player who makes the highest statement has the right not to show cards if everyone else saves. Therefore, in the brag, as in poker, there is an element of bluffing. And, nevertheless, significant differences between these two games still exist. Usually, players agree to what extent they can raise a bet. The rate of the dealer must not exceed this figure. Participants make bets with the chips. At the end of the game, they exchange these chips for money according to the established equivalent. After that, the dealer mixes the deck and deals three cards to everyone. The rest of the deck lays on the table. Players get acquainted with their cards, and under this make their bets. If the cards are good, the players have the right to bet no less than the dealer. With bad cards, the players pass and leave the game.

The Main Rules & Hands of Three Card Brag

It is a three-card game which involves a full deck. Three cards are called brags and play the role of jokers. It is a tambourine ace, a jack of clubs, and a tambourine nine. Each of these cards can replace any other card. How to play this card game? There are the main points:

  • The online game begins with the dealer making a bet to the agreed limit. Brag is one of the free games in which, if they are not playing for money, there are no points;
  • Then, the players receive three cards, and they must take turns either to make a bet no less than the dealer, or (as in poker) to leave the game.

According to the three card brag rules and the agreed scheme, each next player can raise the bet. If the participants have announced a combination and no one has challenged it, they take the fund without showing their cards. However, all players can be asked to show their cards. The representatives of mightier cards will take the fund. The order of value of the combinations:

  • Three natural Aces – in this case, the Ace of Diamonds is considered natural in three-card brag;
  • Three aces, of which one or more cards is a brag. For example, a jack of clubs and a tambourine nine with any ace;
  • Three natural kings;
  • Three kings, of which one or two is replaced by a brag.

And so on – up to three deuces. After three equal cards, there are pairs: from aces to twos, and a pair of natural cards are rated higher than a pair with a brag. If two players of three-card brag have the same pair, then the one who is older than the third card wins. If equal cards came to the players, then the advantage belongs to the highest hand, that is, to the one who made the first bet.

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